This is a completed Sims 3 Who’s Your Daddy?  challenge blog (WYDC).  The challenge was adapted by Stircraxy from CSquared’s rules for TS2 and the aim is to get your sim mummy to have 26 babies by 26 different daddies.  The full ruleset is here, but some points of note:

  • You’re meant to get your mum to live a long way by means of life fruit and ambrosia, and the same for her husband.
  • She has to marry but this can’t be until her first child is a child.
  • Teens can be caked up at any time but other children can’t.  YAs must be moved off the lot.
  • The mum can’t hire a babysitter, only her husband or teenage children can do this.
  • I’m trying to go for a few bonuses, including keeping the mum and her husband as YAs, not using maids and repairpeople and getting my life fruit and deathfish by natural means.
  • I’m playing on normal lifespan.
  • I will be using some lifetime rewards (distant friend, bookshop bargainer, vacationer), thus forfeiting a 10 point bonus for not doing so.  I will still get 1 point per 10,000 unused LTH of the mother and husband, and 0.5 points per 10,000 unused LTH of the chilren.

I had an aborted first attempt that I failed because I married Bebe off before her first babies (yes, babies!) were children but you can see the edited highlights.

Bebe’s REAL adventure starts here


2 Responses to “What is Operation Population?”

  1. Hey! Just a suggestion, but you should put up a contents page so people can get around the site faster

    1. Rad Says:

      Well, you can get to post one and the most recent posts really easily, and then navigate between posts, so I don’t know how much need there is. It’s something I’d consider when I’ve finished it maybe.

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